April 1, 2008

Almost there...

No pictures today because I need to get some ideas down before they're gone. I've finished the second half of my Arabian Night stole. I stopped at row 39 of Charts G3 and G4. Why there? That's also the end of Charts B, C, and D. The next row would be a purl type row and I thought that might be a good grafting row. But that would leave some weird single beads in the center of the stole. One idea is to knit 2 more rows on one half and 4 more rows on the other half. That will make the beaded diamond in the center match the rest of the beaded diamonds. But that might make the side charts B, C, and D look funny. That might require some creative grafting too since the stitch counts wouldn't be the same. I think the only thing to do is insert a lifeline and try each option and see if I like how they look.

In other knitting news, there will be even fewer blog posts for the next few weeks. I have a secret project that I can't blog.

In the mail, I just received my order from Nordic Fiber Arts yesterday. Wow! I love all of the books that I bought. I bought Latvian Mittens, Folk Knitting in Estonia, Selbustrikk, and Stromper/Sokker. The last two are in Norwegian, but full translations were sent that were about the same size as the pattern booklets. Very cool. This order was placed in early March and it took nearly a month to get it, but it was well worth the wait. The wait was due to getting the translations.

In news around the house, E has started training for a 5k. She has done one 5k every year since she was 4. All of the previous years, she didn't train at all and it was just for fun. This year, she's training and we're hoping that she'll jog the whole thing this time. We're loosely following the couch to 5k training schedule that has you walking/jogging for 30 minutes a few times a week for several weeks until you're able to jog the whole 30 minutes. E wasn't too happy with the first day. She kept asking why did she have to walk so much and why couldn't she run more. She wants to jump right in and run. We're trying to pace her and build up her endurance.

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