April 28, 2008


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My sample knitting yarn still hasn't arrived yet (I'm starting to get worried), but that leaves me with a lot of knitting time. I've had to find projects that are fun, easy to memorize, but are quick to finish. That left me looking at all of my leftover lace weight yarn. I've looked through my stitch dictionaries and there are so many stitch patterns that I want to use. I've started to use them and the leftover lace weight yarn to make scarves. I don't have a plan for the scarves, but I'm going to keep them in my "last minute gift" pile. These scarves only take around 50-60 gms of lace weight and can be completed in a few days. I was working on more than one at a time since I couldn't decide on stitch patterns. ;-) After these two, I have a whole list of stitch patterns that I want to turn into scarves.

42808hThese scarves both used around 55 gms of lace yarn each. I used size 2 Knit Picks dpns with rubber bands on the ends to turn them into straight needles. They're the perfect length for these scarves. This is Remnant #1. Pretty original name, huh? Using this stitch and 55 gms of yarn, this scarf blocked out to be 9 inches wide and 60 inches long. This stitch pattern is in Barbara Walker's 3rd Treasury of Knitting Patterns and it's called Laddered Diamonds (p.164). This one took me a while to memorize, but I finally got there at the half-way point on the scarf. I would love to try this pattern again in a more solid colored yarn. This stitch would probably look good in a triangular shawl too. Hmmmm...

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This is Remnant #2. Yes, another very original name. I figured that I would just keep on going with the numbers since I plan to do a lot of these. This scarf blocked out to be 10 inches wide and 60 inches long. The stitch pattern is from Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns and it's called Open Star Stitch (p.154). This one was really easy to memorize and this scarf was easy to put down and pick up. I love how the yarn pooled into some weird alien animal type print. I might have to keep this scarf for myself.

I also finished another shawl, but I'll save that for another post. I've started another scarf and that will probably be finished by my next post too.

In other news, our little garden is starting to grow. Living up on this hill, I love how the world starts to close in around us in the spring. It's starting and we'll be surrounded by leafy trees in a few weeks.

I've been working on E's end of the year portfolio. It's online and I will put a link up to it when it's finished. I'm pretty happy with how most of it turned out, but I'm not happy with some of the wording.

Edited to add: Remnant #1 is Cherry Tree Hill Cascade lace in Dusk. Remnant #2 is Cherry Tree Hill Cascade lace in Tropical Storm.


Jana said...

I have been a lurker, loving your knitting silently, but had to comment on these scarves. Just beautiful. What yarn did you use? too love Remnant #2 - so pretty. Good for you to stock pile scarves.

Jeannie said...

Thanks for reading and commenting! Ugh, I'm usually good about putting the details. I've edited the post and the yarns are listed at the bottom. They're both Cherry Tree Hill Cascade Lace silk. #2 is the Tropical Storm color.

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous - I really like both of them - and what a good idea to use the leftovers!