August 20, 2008

Ah, much better...

Things started looking better right after I posted on Monday. E finished off her lessons writing a great page all about herself. At first, she found the task a bit too open ended, but I did give her some suggestions. Soon after that, she had finished writing the whole page.

To answer Nancy/Iowa's question, yes we are homeschooling. This is my third year homeschooling E and D is just starting. Yesterday and today's lessons went really smoothly. D is still enthusiastic about his lessons. He doesn't want to stop when I do. E was like that when we started kindergarten. From my experiences with her, I know to cut him off before he gets burnt out or tired.

Back to knitting news...the shawl is moving along. The designer got back to me and things sped along after that. Now, I'm waiting for the next section from her. While waiting, I've gone back to knitting socks. I started and completed a pair of socks for D using leftovers. I used around 40gms for his socks. Now, I'm knitting a pair for E. Her socks have gotten to the size where I can no longer use the leftovers from my socks. They're just not enough. For the sock that I'm knitting for her right now, I've added in toes and heels in a solid color to stretch other yarn. After this pair, I'll have to dive into the new yarns to make socks for her.

The kids need more socks for this winter. Just about all of their other socks fit perfectly or are too small. I should be able to easily complete my 52 pairs in a year goal while knitting socks for them. I need to knit each of them more pairs to rotate through for this winter too. Some of last winter's socks have died and gone to sock heaven. ;-) All of the socks that D and E have worn through were 100% wool. I'm going to stick with wool/nylon blends for them in the future. Sure they're not as soft, but the kids don't notice or comment about it. They just like having the colorful socks.

Both of my test knitters have gotten in touch with me this week. It's so encouraging to hear from them. They did have a few questions about the same area in the pattern. I've added some clarification to my pattern that will hopefully help when it's released as a mystery sock.

No pictures today. It's nice and cool in the house and hot outside. Okay, it's warm. But 80 degrees does feel hot if it's only around 70 degrees indoors. I love the cool evening and night temperatures. It keeps me motivated to knit because it feels like fall is already here. I have a few other things that I want to knit for the kids for this fall and winter. I need to get moving if they're going to be done in time to be useful.


Octopus Knits said...

I'm glad things are going well with homeschooling - there are bound to be some bumps but it's great that you guys are able to get through them :)

You're such a prolific sock knitter that I'm sure your kids will be well outfitted come winter!

P.S. The Stripey socks are lovely (they remind me a little of Clown Fish).

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the homeschooling journey!

Remember, it's not a sprint, but a marathon;a little progress at a time adds up to a lot over the long haul. I speak from experience - I've sent two on to college (one graduated earlier this year!) and am starting 7th and 9th grades with the two still at home.

I've admired your sock designing and knitting skills, especially the speed at which you finish them. Now, knowing that you home-school, I am in even greater awe!

(inglesidebelle on ravelry; I don't have a blog so I'm posting as anonymous)