September 6, 2008

Socks everywhere

Well, the orange mystery sock for Sock Knitter's Anonymous is underway. The first clue went out this past Monday. So far, the reception has been good. In ravelry, there are 61 listed projects for it so far. The first clue was really short. The second clue will come out next Monday and should keep everyone busy all week. The photos of the first complete clue are great! It's a lot of fun seeing my design knit in a similar color and by many different people. I feel for the group mods though. They have been inundated with questions about yarn being "orange enough." It's enough to drive anyone batty.

Since my last post, I've been knitting a lot of socks. These are mostly for E and D. They now have two new pairs for each of them(one hasn't been photographed yet). I'm back to knitting socks again. I had to cast on an orange one to count for September's sockdown. I'm still working on patterns. I'll most likely wait until the mystery sock is almost over before releasing another one.

From the left to right: Regia Line Steps for D, Elann Sock It To Me Puzzle for D, Regia Strato and Knit Picks Essential Black for E, and Enchanted Knoll Farm in Pumpkin Juice for me. The first three are various garter rib. That pattern is stretchy (great for kid socks), easy to memorize, and not boring.

The socks on the far right are another pair for me. I'm calling it Seeds for now. The yarn is called Pumpkin Juice and I wanted the dots to look like pumpkin seeds. They still look more like dots than seeds, but whatever. I still like how the socks turned out.

82608e 82608h 82608k 82608b

This is what I'm working on now for September's Sockdown challenge. This month is orange, a Cookie A. pattern, or the mystery sock. Since I've already done the mystery sock twice and those don't count, I'm going to do an orange sock and a Cookie A. sock later. The picture on the left is more accurate in color, but the one on the right shows the stitch pattern better. This is the patchwork cable stitch pattern from the 3rd Barbara Walker Treasury. It's a cool cable with various different textures in it. I've wanted to use it on something for sometime now and decided to just put it on socks. I've knit them up to the heel flap, so they might be done sometime this weekend. Back to knitting...

9408a 9408b


Anonymous said...

Who gets those sock when they're finished? I'll wear them! :-) They'll keep my feet warm this winter! Darrel

Anonymous said...

You should use wool yarn and that would make the socks nice and toasty for those wintery days coming up! I wonder if you can get yarn that is simular to what they use in Smartwool socks? Darrel

Jeanne said...

All those socks are gorgeous - I especially like the new pair!