September 16, 2008

Too busy hiding

Okay, I'm not really hiding. I'm just worrying. I probably worry too much about things. Every Monday, I've started worrying as soon as I put an Orange Mystery clue online. Most Mondays, I had nothing to worry about. This past Monday, I was really worried because the clue #3 was a strange one. It wasn't your typical sock heel. I was relieved when a few people got through it. Then a few people had questions about one part. Then a few more had questions about the same part. Then I started questioning my pattern. And yes, there it was....a mistake. Argh! Okay, it wasn't too big of a mistake. My math was correct. I was my wording that made my math appear incorrect. sigh I've fixed it and I hope that's the end of worrying for this week.

On a happier note, I've been test knitting. That's all that I can really mention. It was fun, but I've found that I really don't have the eyes for editing. It's like my eyes just auto-correct things. All of the test knitters have kept in touch through email. It's amazing how many things I blew by and never noticed the error.

91008bI did finish another pair of socks. This was for the orange part of SKA's September Sockdown. I've wanted to knit a cabled sock, but didn't want a typical cable. I went for the patchwork cable from Barbara Walker's 3rd Treasury. The stitch pattern itself wasn't wide enough for my socks and I had to think of a filler for the sides. I went with a simple twisted rib to match some of the patches in the cables. At the top of the sock, I wanted to use the seed stitch to match the other patches, but didn't want that to be the cuff and I didn't want it to just be at the top of the cables. I needed a dividing line. I figured out a way to do a horizontal line with a few yarnovers and passing yarnovers over other stitches. It turned out pretty good and I want to use that technique again in another sock. Surprisingly, it's not binding since it's done with extra yarnovers. All in all, I was very happy with how these socks turned out.


Yarn: Opal Uni in melon
Needle: size 0 (2mm) Knit Picks Classic Circular
Pattern: my own using the Patchwork Cable II from the 3rd Barbara Walker Treasury
method: magic loop, 2 at once, toe-up using a Turkish cast-on, gusset heel with patterned flap
Start: September 4, 2008
Finish: September 10, 2008

In other knitting, I've started another pair of socks for E. I've also started some gloves for me. This is my first knitted glove (with complete fingers) that I've tried. Doing all of those fingers and weaving in all of those ends are fiddly, but the gloves are so pretty! Beyond that, I'm in the mood for lace again. I just need to sort out which pattern goes with which yarn in my stash....


Anonymous said...

I love the patchwork cable and especially the color. Are you going to write up the pattern? I am not the best test knitter either because I always asume that I made the mistake not the pattern or designer.

Jeanne said...

Those are gorgeous socks!

Ruth said...

Lovely, as usual!

Lavender Dreamer said...

Those are beautiful! Love the autumn color! You do such beautiful work!

Ada said...

Fabulous socks!!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that you are planning to sell more of your sock patterns, including this one. I've been following your project page on Ravelry and you've got a great eye for sock design. I want to knit them all!