January 27, 2009

Poinsettia and a jillion beads


Pretty isn't it? I didn't think the pattern looked like it used a lot of beads, until I read the supply list. 5000 beads?! Wow, she must be over estimating that just to be on the safe side. Umm, nope. I have no idea how many I used, but it was over 150gms of beads. Every single one of those beads were placed individually with a crochet hook onto a stitch and then knit or purled. I think the results were worth it. I like knitting beaded projects every now and then even though they do take more time than regular lace. There was a nice rhythm to knitting the lace, pick up the crochet hook, add bead, set hook down, knit/purl, and continue.

This scarf is knit in two halves and then grafted at the center. I finished the second part in half the time that it took me to do the first. There is a bit of patterned lace on the wrong side of the scarf, but only on a few rows. Overall, it was a fun knit. I got to use up some leftover yarn and beads. Yay for stash knitting!

12609c 12609f 12609e 12609h

12609gPattern: Poinsettia by Susan Pandorf of Sunflower Designs
Yarn: Hengyuanxiang Knitting Wool (not sure of amount used-leftovers from other projects)
Needle: size 2 (2mm) Knit Picks dpns with stoppers on ends to make short straights
Hook: size 11 (1.05mm)--used for bead placement
Beads: 4.5 boxes of 8/0 iris green seed beads (each box was 35gms)
Blocked size: 12.5 inches wide x 56 inches long
Start: January 8, 2009
Finish: January 23, 2009


Leslie said...

All I can say is "WOW". It's beautiful.

Monika said...

This stole is stunning! Amazing, really.

Lynn said...

O-M-G. That project is amazing looking!!! To knit a project with lace and all those beads is fantastic, but to do it all in 15 days, that's unbelievable!! Great job!!

Lavender Dreamer said...

That is one of the MOST beautiful scarves you've made! The beads give a special touch...and RED! I LOVE the bright red! AMAZING!

elaines630 said...

That is beautiful! I am so glad I came across this! I am getting married - date TBA - but I know that I want to make myself a shawl/wrap type thing. Now that I have seen one with beads - it has opened up all sorts of possibilities! Thank you so much! Those other patterns she has listed are amazing too!

gayle said...

Stunning is the word.
And here I am with a beadless Ice Queen, because I couldn't face working with the few beads called for by the pattern.

wiscjennyann said...

I know we your commenters are begining to sound like a broken record but... WOW! That is just spectacular. Amazing work, congratulations!

Heather said...

5,000?!? Holy cow! But...wow...it is gorgeous.

Walden said...

Amazing, that is very beautiful!