January 26, 2009

Project shuffle

I've recently gone through a project purge. I think it was brought on by the evil mohair boucle yarn. The boucle project has been frogged (yes, I managed that) and the yarn has been hidden away in the closet. The wrap was turning out too big. It would have been far too big, even with fulling/felting(?). The yarn was driving me nuts, so it was time for it to go away. Surprisingly, the frogging wasn't that bad.

I also frogged an old mystery shawl that I was working on with some teeny-tiny Colourmart cashmere/silk yarn. I loved the pattern and loved the yarn, but didn't really like them together. It was time to frog and save the pretty yarn for something else. I've also decided that I'm going to take a break from mystery things. I have too many books and patterns floating around here. I don't need to add any more for a while.

Sooo...what was I working on all this time? One thing that I was working on was Poinsettia by Sunflower Designs. It's finished too! Now, it's just waiting for pictures. I'll post the details of that scarf when I get them taken. Let me just say that it's a trial of patience and sheer determination to place almost 5000 beads on a scarf----one-at-a-time---with a tiny crochet hook. It's a wonder that I'm still sane. Or am I?

Most importantly, I'm working on pattern writing again. I'm test knitting my own pattern. How sad is it that it's been so long since I've knit the socks that I need to actually read my own pattern? I guess that is one way to test knit it. I'm still thinking about sending it out to additional test knitters too. Which sock pattern am I working on right now? That will have to be a surprise. ;-)

Around the house, we had a huge accomplishment for D. He finished all 100 of his reading lessons!!! It's so cute listening to him read through out the day. I also enjoy hearing him try to sound out random things around the house--words on the stove, words on his toy boxes, and words on just about anything he can see.


Jeanne said...

Sometimes purging projects is the best thing. Can't wait to see the Poinesettia!

=Tamar said...

Hooray for D!