June 22, 2009


I feel like I've been on the go since summer started. So many things to do and no time to blog about it. A quick recap:

-I finished writing out the patterns for the Tangled Woods and Whirligig Cable socks. Those can be found in my ravelry store.

-I finished writing patterns for two different items for a place that can't be named. ;-)

-I've finished knitting two more sock designs, but still need to work on the patterns. I'm calling one Divided and the lace one is still nameless.

-I'm almost finished knitting another new sock design. It's another pattern that seems to work with variegated yarns. I'm using Enchanted Knoll Farm in Wood Elves.

-We just got back from a camping trip. Laundry is done. Yay. I got a lot of knitting and reading done. Yay again.

-I started reading the Twilight saga books, got sucked into them, read them all, and now I want to re-read them.

-Watched the Twilight movie too. The movie is only good if you've read the book. Otherwise, it looks like the actors go around making weird facial expressions all the time. My husband found it amusing.

-I also read a book titled The Thirteenth Tale. Good book with a strange twisted story.

-I need to get a meal plan down for our next camping trip. I don't like the planning and packing part. bleh.

-The SolidSocks mystery clues are all out and I can finally post pictures. That's the picture at the bottom.

-I really need/want to figure out what projects to take with me on this camping trip. Many sock projects or maybe a shawl? hmmmmm.


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ruthee... said...

I was speechless while reading all that you had gotten done! Then I was *really* speechless when I saw the picture at the end of your post! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!