September 5, 2009

Three new patterns!

I'm distracting myself since a package that I really want is going to be delayed until after the holiday weekend. What package am I waiting for? It's the Loopy Ewe September sock club package with my pattern in it!! A few people have gotten it already and have posted pictures, but I'll wait to post my pictures until later.

I've been busy writing patterns and put up three new patterns in my ravelry store.


This is Leaf Remains. The pattern is short and sweet with a small chart, so I'm offering it as a free. It's a toe-up sock pattern and is written for 5 different sizes ranging from 48 to 80 total stitches.

You can get it here --> download now


I've named this one Within X. It's a toe-up pattern and written for 3 different sizes. It has a nice combination of lace and twisted stitches to make a sock that's pretty, but will stay snug on your foot. It's available to --> buy now


This is Dash and Slash. It's a pattern appropriate for solid or variegated yarn. This yarn is Socks That Rock lightweight in Firebird. The pattern has knits, purls, and cables to break up the color. It's written as toe-up and for three different sizes. It's available to --> buy now

1 comment:

PatchworkRose said...

I simply love all three pairs of socks. The colours are just great.
Keep up that creative knitting :-)