December 29, 2009

Uh hobby


When my husband asked for ideas for our anniversary, I first suggested that we get a gift that both of us could use. Being that it was our anniversary, I didn't want to suggest something for me. Well, he had a different idea. He wanted to get parts for his mountain bike. So, I thought about it and said that I wanted a loom. That was about 3 weeks ago. I spent a week looking at various looms online and reading reviews. I settled on the Schacht Cricket loom. It's small, not too expensive, and looks easy to use.

It arrived a few days after our anniversary, but I jumped in and started weaving away. My first attempt was hideous. I almost didn't take a picture of it. But I did anyways to show my progress. It's amazing how my first scarf looks compared to my 4th. Yes, I wove 4 scarves in 3 days. My husband and mom were laughing at me, but I don't care. Here's the first scarf. I used the Wool-ease yarn that came with the loom and followed their instructions. As you can see from the close-up, the edges are too loose.

122909c 122909d

These two were woven with leftover Wool-ease that I had in my stash. At this point, I just wanted to practice and wasn't really picky about colors. The one on the left is #2 and you can see the edge is a little better. The green and beige is #3 and is much improved over the natural colored scarf.

122909f 122909h

I'm really happy with how the 4th scarf turned out. I'd actually wear this one. ;-) I had left over red and black Patons Merino wool from the pirate bag that I knit a few years ago. I wasn't sure if I had enough, but tried it anyways. I ran out of weft yarn before the warp and ended up cutting off a lot at the end.

I wasn't sure how to do the weft color changes. In the previous scarves, I overlapped ends when I ran out of weft and needed more. I can see those overlaps in the finished scarf and didn't like how they looked. In this one, I left long loops at the edge where I changed colors, cut those, and wove them in after the scarf was finished. It took a loooong time to do, but I like how you can't see them at all now.

I've already ordered parts for the loom so I can weave thinner yarn. I have a lot of fingering weight yarn and leftovers too that I think would make great scarves.



Anonymous said...

Oh, that red and black scarf looks great! How wide can you make scarves on your loom?

Lynn said...

Wow it didn't take you long to become really good at making scarves!!! That red & black is gorgeous!

Jeanne said...

I love the red and black scarf - you are a natural at it!

I keep on thinking about getting a loom...and everytime I see projects like this it makes me want one more!