October 20, 2010

Very Busy

Yeah, it's been a long time again. I thought about just giving up the blog. If I want to include pictures in my post, it takes me about an hour with uploading and formatting. That eats too much into my knitting/designing time. Maybe I'll just do a few posts without pictures and see how I like that. I'm pretty much on ravelry all the time now. Especially right now. I've been busy actually writing knitting patterns! I know...I've been meaning to do them, but I'm a lot more motivated to knit than to write.

I was voted in as a designer of the month at Sock Knitter's Anonymous and November is my assigned month! Woohoo! Because of that, I'm pushing myself to get new patterns out before November. I'm having several patterns test knitted. I've used the Free Pattern Testers group for the first time and it's been a great experience. Sure there are a few rules that have to be followed, but keeps the group running smoothly. I like that the pattern testers are not afraid to tell me the truth about wording and such. I hope it makes my patterns better!

I was also asked to design a sock for a November knit-a-long in the Barking Dog Yarns group. I'll be using her new Opposites Attract yarn. The idea is very cool and the results are interesting. You buy sock yarn in sets of 2-50gm skeins. One skein will have a dominant color with a few other colors. The other skein will be the opposite with one of the other colors as the dominant. This yarn is great for mirrored type sock patterns.

I have another pattern that will be released in November as part of a sock club. I can't really say more than that. I'm also working on another sock pattern for another indie dyer. That one will be released in mid-November. Preparing for November has kept me really busy.

Two of my patterns pictured in the post below have just finished test knitting. Split Cells and Chimes are now for sale on ravelry.

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StephCat said...

Congrats on being the Nov design for SKA!