November 8, 2010


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November is here and I'm still busy. Pictured above are my Fenestra, Unicurves, and Downward Spiral sock patterns that have recently been released. The mystery sock OppAtt is going on in the Barking Dog Yarns group. Almost everyone participating is using the Opposites Attract yarn and it's fun to see the different pairs of colors.

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Snakes, Pirate Danger, and an unnamed red sock for Saffron Dyeworks are currently being test knitted. Those should finish this week or next and then be released this month. The red sock above is the one that I designed for Saffron Dyeworks' Mini Mica sock yarn. It's a luxurious merino/silk blend. The yarn has a pretty shine to it and can surprisingly withstand multiple froggings without showing signs of it.

It's exciting to see my designs pop up as ones knitters have chosen to knit for the November SKA challenge. I'm participating too, but I'm designing a few new cabled patterns. Below is my first November sock. I used the new Dream in Color yarn called Everlasting Sock in the color Gilt. It's an 8-ply fingering weight yarn that leans towards a heavier fingering weight. These socks were knit with a 2mm needle and feel very sturdy.

A lot has been mentioned about comparing this yarn to Wollmeise. Everlasting feels thicker and squishier than Wollmeise. Wollmeise is smoother and shinier than Everlasting. Both yarns show off twisted stitches and cables really well and come in great colors. The extra plus that I would give to Everlasting is that it is easier to find.

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CelticCastOn said...

wooo hoo I've been waiting for a few of these to come out! Hope to bang a couple of pairs out in the new year. If you're ever looking for another test knitter I'd be all over that! :)

Lee Bernstein said...

I found your designs after reading about the November challenge in the SKA forum on Ravelry.

Wow. You're amazing. I must, must, must knit some of your patterns and break out of my plain sock routine.

Whoo-hoo for you!