January 18, 2011

Start and finish


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The Complicated test knit is almost finished. Things have gone really well and my test knitters have been awesome! I should have a new call out for test knitters later today for Mullion or Crooked Wheels or maybe both.

I've started another new design. I'm calling this one Threaded because of the cables that pass through the loops. I guess that I'm still fixated with cables. I like how they stand out and after a few rows, you can usually tell where they're going to go. These are easier on my hands than all of those twisted stitches I designed last summer.

I'm still working on using up my stash yarn. Since my last post, I got out my neglected Cricket loom and wove 4 new scarves on it. I don't have any pictures of those yet because they haven't been washed. I've been thinking a lot about getting a new loom. I want a wider one and have been considering the 25 inch Schacht flip.

Our remodeling is still moving along. We now have a revamped pantry. We had to do that to be able to remove 3 cabinets from our kitchen. We had to move the cabinets to make room for the refrigerator. We had to move the refrigerator to free up the corner of the dining room where it used to be. One thing just led to another and half of this floor is a mess right now. I really like the new pantry.

Busy, busy. Lots of things going on around here.


JoAnn said...

What a beeautiful sock! Love the cables and the design. I'll be looking for this one! Good luck on your kitchen remodel. It really is all worth it in the end (speaking from experience and lived in our basement for a month)

CelticCastOn said...

ohhh loving that sock, so clean and crisp.
The kitchen overhaul DOES end I promise and I'm sooo jealous you have a pantry. I can only dream about one for now but know exactly where I want it when the time comes. Enjoy it!

ArualMaria said...

These are so, so beautiful! I just love them! Also the color is awesome.