February 3, 2011

Not just socks


I do work on things other than socks. ;-)

I finished these a while ago, but wasn't able to get a good picture of my own hands. I had my daughter take this picture and it came out pretty good! I'm going to have to ask her to help out with picture taking if I'm going to continue designing things like these.

These fingerless mitts were made using modified charts from my Unicurve sock pattern. I plan on writing and releasing this pattern soon. I just need to work on the thumb numbers some more. What I really like about these is that they use less than 50gms of yarn and that the pattern is really stretchy. This is the medium and it's loose on me.

These are the scarves that I had drying on a rack in the last post. I'll show some close-ups of the patterning that each yarn made.

020111r 020111q 020111p 020111o 020111m
Yarn used from left to right: Fiesta Baby Boom, Fleece Artist BFL, Cherry Tree Hill, All Things Heather, and Jojoland Quartette
020111l 020111k 020111i 020111h 020111g
Yarn used from left to right: Yarn Pirate, FlyDyed, and the last three are Red Heart

The Red Heart scarves were a fun experiment in weaving with 2 colors. I need to work on my technique when I change the colors on the side.

020111eI've started a new and simpler sock pattern. I've also reminded my self why I like twisted stitches, cables, and large charts so much. This sock is boring me. I don't really have too much motivation to work on it because it such a small stitch pattern. I have it memorized and it just seems endless while knitting it.

I did shake things up a bit by trying out a different short row heel. This one is called the double stitch, yo yo, or sister stitch short row method. I like it. It does seem easier to do than my usual wrap and turn. But I'll have to figure out how to add this to a pattern without being too wordy.

I did start another lace sock, but I don't have pictures of that one yet. It has a larger chart and a lot more interesting to work on than this one.


Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE the scarves. Now I really want to buy a loom... Argh. Tempting.

CelticCastOn said...

Love those scarves especially the houndstooth check. You won't have a cold neck thats for sure :)