February 17, 2011

Stream of consciousness

I did take pictures for this post, but I didn't like how any of them turned out. I'll try again another day. So many things going on, I'll just list some of them.

My daughter had a birthday. The day was filled with all of the things that she wanted to do. One was to learn how to weave! She started and finished her first scarf on my Cricket. She liked weaving a lot more than knitting or crocheting. I finished her quilt and she loves it!

My 25 inch Schacht Flip arrived and I've woven one thing on it. I made a 16 inch wide scarf/shawl with sport weight yarn to try out the loom. Next up, I want to use my Colourmart cashmere yarn or the cashmere/silk blend to make a really thin and wide scarf/shawl. Before I do that, I tested out a 100% cashmere scarf on the Cricket. I only broke one warp thread while trying to wind it on. Not bad and the scarf looks so light and fluffy.

I finished two new sock designs, but those are the pictures that I didn't like. I need to take a break from design so I can write up these patterns! Two sock patterns have been tested and those will be released soon. I had issues with the 80 stitch size in one of the patterns. I'm still thinking about cutting that size out.

I finished a pair of fingerless mitts for my sister. She saw the purple pair and liked them, but I had to make them in a more sister-friendly color. I also wrote out the pattern for it and that needs to be tested.

My sister let me watch many episodes of The Vampire Diaries off of her dvr while I visited last year. I bought season 1 on dvd and have been watching/listening to it while weaving or knitting in the evenings.

Cookie A.'s sock club has started!! The first set of patterns is very cool. I want to try to make the cookies too, but I need to go shopping for ingredients.

There's still space left in the Heisenberg Principle sock club. If you like some of the self-striping socks that I've knit recently, run on over there and sign up. I really like how flexible the club is. You can pick dyer's choice of yarn bases or you can pick to have all shipments in a certain base. You can also add-on a mini skein for heels/toes.

The wood laminate part of our flooring project is done! We want to put something else in the kitchen, but haven't decided on it yet. I've bought curtains/drapes(what's the difference?) for our former dining room/future office. They're a deep red, shiny, and pretty! Now, I just need to order the furniture for that room.

Right now, I only have 1 pair of self-striping socks on the needles.

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CelticCastOn said...

Vampire Diaries is awwwesome, each episode just keeps getting better.
Will your daughter be taking over your Cricket loom?
Excited to see your new designs, I'm finishing up my second sock of taglioni now.