June 7, 2011

Brand new!

Some quick thoughts before I get back to pattern writing...

So many new things have come recently. I have 2 new patterns coming out in two different sock clubs in June. I'm pretty excited about the designs. Unfortunately, those designs won't be available to the public until next year. I have another 2 new designs that will be at TNNA this weekend! I'm excited about those too, but a bit nervous(?). This is the first time my designs will be somewhere so public and hopefully seen by many people in the knitting industry. eek.

I also have a brand new laptop! Woohoo! No more sluggish computer while running Photoshop. Along with the new laptop, we signed up for a better internet connection. There isn't much available out here, so what we have now seems so expensive compared to dial-up. Then again, it is so much faster! I can actually get stuff done on the internet and then work on my patterns. I used to do both at the same time while waiting for pages to load.

And with a new connection means the old email must go. Ugh! It's a pain changing out my email address at every website.

I'm working on a new sock design. This one will be the mystery sock in the Solid Socks ravelry group in August. Actually, I'm sort of stuck on this. I have more than one design that I like a lot and I can't decide which one will be the mystery. I'll probably write up all of them and decide later.

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amanda said...

don't be nervous jeannie! the new sock designs look great. i am sure shops are going to love them.