June 22, 2011

Garter shawls


It now seems to be garter stitch shawls all the time over here. It started with Anne Hanson's les Abeilles shawl. I knit this using Fleece Artist Nyoni. I bought this back when the skeins were giant and had near 800(?) yards. I made the largest shawl and tried to use up as much of the skein. With this shawl, I've found that I really like the drape of garter stitch when it's gently blocked. Gently is soaked, and stretched out by hand without the use of pins.


Then The Loopy Ewe announced plans for summer camp. The first project had to be a shawl, cape, or scarf that used at least two colors of yarn. I bought yarn for my camp project, but also raided my stash for more yarns to use since there were a few two colored shawls that I wanted to try. I knit this Different Lines shawl before camp started with Handmaiden Casbah(blue-ish) and Dragonfly Fibers Djinni(green) yarn. This shawl is very soft and squishy.


Then is was time to cast-on for the official camp project. I picked a shawl called Stripe Study. This pattern is really easy to knit and it's also easy to memorize. After completing the first contrasting stripe, you can knit the rest of the shawl without looking back at the instructions.


This was also the same day we were leaving for a real camping trip. I packed along my camp project plus extra yarn to make another if I finished the first one. I ended up finishing both projects during the camping trip! The brown is Dream In Color's Starry yarn in November Muse. The other three colors are Smooshy in Grey Tabby, Spring Tickle, and Absolute Magenta.

I've started another garter stitch shawl in my own design. Right now, it's scrunched up on a circular needle. I should be done with it in a few days. I have a few more ideas floating around in my head too. But I do still have a sock pattern to finish. So much to do and too many ideas.


Rebekah said...

They are beautiful and practical. I'm going to have to queue those.

Lynn said...

So much to do and so many ideas. That is the case for me and I'm not even a designer!!!! I can't imagine what rattles around in your head. Love all the shawls they are all gorgeous! and look relatively easy to do. Great job!