September 23, 2011



This is a quilt that I'm working on for my son. His sister just got a quilt from me for her last birthday. I wanted to make something for his bed now that he has his own room. My little guy likes the color orange. I didn't want to go completely crazy with that color and found a really cute set of fabrics at Fabricworm. Most quilting fabric website sell bundles of fabrics from one collection. At Fabricworm, they bundle up coordinating fabrics from many different collections. I combined two of their collections (one mainly blues and grays and one blues and oranges) to make this quilt. I'm almost finished. I just need to add a bit more quilting in some bare spots and then the binding.


20110915aWhile I was organizing my yarns, I noticed that I have A LOT of sock yarn leftovers. I separated out the self-striping ones and figured out that I have enough of those alone to make a good sized throw. Each of these blocks takes a little over 10 gms of yarn. I usually have at least 20 gms leftover when I make a pair of socks. So each of my leftover balls of yarn over there on the left will get me two squares. There will be no sewing in this blanket. Yay!

There's another reason that I started this insanity. There's a bad cold running around our house. First, it took down my husband, then my son, and now my daughter and I. :-( The cough that I have is driving me crazy. I haven't wanted to work on any of my more complicated projects and this blanket has been getting most of my attention.

20110923d 20110923eThese are two of my neglected projects. The stole is Long Shadows by Anne Hanson. It is the August pattern from the Knit Spot Fall in Full Color club. The yarn is so pretty and the pattern is very straight forward. My mind just isn't into lace right now. The socks were supposed to be a new design, but I haven't gotten very far.

I'll just stick with the quilt and blanket for now. I hope this cold goes away soon so I can have all of my thinking capacity back for these patterns.


Alyssa said...

WOW... I'm jealous of your sock yarn! But, it will make a gorgeous throw :)

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