January 13, 2012


My poor neglected blog. I've found it's hard to come up with regular and interesting posts. I just joined the twitter world. It doesn't help that I've had a designing block. Instead of socks, I've been knitting things other than socks and from other designers. I'm in Knitspot's Fall in Full Color club. That has been a lot of fun getting a new pattern from her every month. It's also kept me busy and I haven't finished all of them yet.

I'm still knitting socks, but they're self striping. When sock yarn is this pretty, it doesn't need a cool pattern to go with it.

I took a picture of my sock drawer years ago. Right now, there's a thread in SKA where someone asked about sock drawers. I thought it was time to take another picture.

This photo is from 2008.

This is from 2012.

And this is the other drawer of socks that I haven't worn yet.

And this is my box of sock designs, ideas I've tried, and variations of some of my designs.

That's a lot of socks!! I've been giving them away too. What I thought was cool is that there are some socks in the 2012 picture that are in the 2008. The design funk is over. I do have a new design on the needles right now. It has a few matching things that will go with it too. I just have to do the not so fun part of pattern writing.


Nautical Knitter said...

Oh my gosh! You knit way faster than I do! If you ever need a willing recipient of those "extra" pairs, please consider giving me a shout :-)

Awesome collection!!

Alyssa said...

SO. MANY. SOCKS! I wish I had that many to wear on my feet :)

KARIMA said...

I want to be like you when I grow up!Love, love your sock drawer!

Teresa said...

Hi, making the "Bloomin" socks, going great 'til I realized there is no Row 25 on both Charts A and B. Couldn't find an explanation or errata. Please help - can't proceed until I hear from you.

Love your patterns!