August 21, 2006

Seasilk finished

I finished the Seasilk stole today. It's currently blocking. Pictures to come tomorrow. I was a bit overcome with fumes in while blocking it. Phew! The scent really does come out when it's wet and much more than wool does. It's current measurements are 19 inches wide and 88 inches long. I wasn't sure how far to stretch silk, but I did read on a few blogs that seasilk can open up quite a bit. I can't wait to take the pins out and see how it drapes. My husband said that it looks nice pinned out. I considered that a pretty good compliment coming from him as he doesn't usually like frilly stuff.

I'm already planning my next project and it's not a knitting project. It's Halloween costumes for my kids! The patterns are all picked out. Fabric has been picked too, but not finalized. I'll have to see if I like the fabric first. I need a few little trims and things like that and then I should be able to start. It will be nice to get back into sewing. My sewing machine probably needs oiling. I've been away from it ever since knitting came into my life. I do still have a pair of socks that I'm working on, but I don't plan on starting any big knitting projects for a while.

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