August 18, 2006

One skein math

How far will one skein of seasilk go? I can now answer that. My math was really off. You can see the little golfball sized ball of yarn leftover yesterday. Well, it was enough for another repeat and then 11 more rows after that. I need to get better at figuring out how much further a ball of yarn can go. I usually end up stopping a project early for fear of running out of yarn. Here is today's math.

1 skein of seasilk(400m or 437 yards per 100g)--can knit as far as 243 rows of 88 stitches for a total of 21384 stitches. When laid out on the floor flat, it measures around 19 inches wide and 34 inches long. This will definitely be a good length stole.


Using size 5 knitpicks options needles
CO 88 stitches
8 rows garter and 235 rows of pattern so far

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