August 17, 2006

What seasilk math?

I used to be really good at math. Calculus type math mostly. That's very different stuff from the math I was using to calculate how far a skein of seasilk will go. I predicted that one skein would get me somewhere around 11.8 repeats of a 16 row stitch pattern. I was wrong. I have 13 repeats finished and I have a golf ball sized ball of yarn still left. It's probably not enough to get me another full repeat. It looks like this stole will be a decent length after all.

I braved the bugs and the heat. I went outside with my completed projects and took pictures. (Those can be seen with all of my other pics at Flickr.) For reference, each board is approximately 6" wide. Here is how far along the seasilk stole is since this morning:
seasilk progress
And this is what the color looks like up close and in bright sunlight. I must mention that the smell of the yarn was more intense in the heat out there. I could smell it just having it a few feet away. Indoors, I have to get really close to it.
seasilk close

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Wendy said...

Your Sea Silk stole is gorgeous! Thanks for commenting at my blog. :-)