January 16, 2007

Stalled shawl leads to quick knits

The shawl is stalled until I can get more yarn. I was right. The fourth ball of yarn did manage to finish the main rectangle portion of the shawl. I only had 10 gms left for the border. This shawl is huge. I doubt that 10 gms of yarn is enough to make a border all the way around. Instead of continuing, I'm just going to let it sit until I buy more.

11607bThis has given me time to work on small projects. I knit the hand towel from Mason Dixon knitting. I bought this yarn off of ebay. I think it was leftovers or the ends. It wasn't wound into a ball or labeled. It is linen yarn. I used the recommended needle size, but ended up dropping down to a size 1 addi turbo. I had to knit this very loosely on the needles or it would have hurt my hands trying to knit this yarn. I think that's why I had to drop down so drastically in needle size. I haven't washed it to soften it up yet. If it does, I plan on making a few more to use up the yarn that I have.

11607cThese are three washcloths that I knit from Mason Dixon Knitting. These were fun and very fast to knit. The pattern was very easy to memorize. E helped pick out the colors. It was fun knitting with colors that I wouldn't normally pick. I used a size 7 needle for the green and blue version, but that ended up more open than I wanted for a wash cloth. I used size 6 knitpicks options needles for the pink and orange ones and I liked that tighter knit much better.

11607aThis is Antifreeze from Knitty. This was knit for my husband, but it's modeled by my 5 year old. Obviously, it doesn't fit her correctly. She was a very reluctant model too. This was knit with Knitpicks swish superwash yarn. I used exactly two skeins. There was only a few inches left of the yarn after binding off. I started this on Sunday night (1/14) and finished it Monday evening (1/15). It's a very fast and easy knit. I thought the construction was interesting.

I'm working on the Modern Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting again. I got bored with this one and put it aside a few months ago. Now, I just want to finish it before the intended recipient gets too big for it.

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Monika said...

I've looked through your flickr pics. You do such wonderful work,amazing! I've never seen a Kiri I liked until I saw yours! Eveything is beautiful. I'm going to bookmark your blog.