March 5, 2007

I will conquer this sock!

3507aI attempted Cablenet twice during Socktober and it didn't work out both times. I usually don't swatch for socks, but I should have for this pattern. The first time, I followed the pattern sizings and needles size recommendation. I knew that one wouldn't work. I didn't get to the heel turning and knew it would turn out HUGE. The second time, I went down in pattern sizing, but used the same needles. It ended too big. I frogged it and hid the yarn away in a box. After doing all of those shawls, I decided it was time to attempt the sock again. I'm determined to get this right. Plus, I'm stalling on starting my first sweater. ;-)

3507bThis time, I used the smallest size in the pattern and used size 0 Addi turbos. It looks like it will fit this time. I love how the sock is turning out so far. I'm not usually a bright pink person, but I think pink socks will be fun. I love all of those intertwining cables. I wonder how those little cables would look on a sweater? This yarn is a Cherry Tree Hill solid. I can't remember the color's name and can't find the label. The color in the picture to the left is more accurate than the picture up above. I need to work on my Photoshop skills to get the pictures closer in color.

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Brenda said...

Looks great! I'm glad it's finally fitting.