March 7, 2007

One down, another to go

3707cThe first Cablenet sock is complete! It feels a bit looser than the socks I normally knit, but I'll live with it. My think my cast-on was too loose on this sock. I've started the next one already and did the cast-on much better this time around. I did the piquant heel. I love the way it looks. I'm usually a short row heel person, but this heel fits good too. I changed the toe to be less pointy. I'm happy with this one and I can't wait to finish the pair. My mind is wandering to other mini cabled socks. I'm not too fond of large cables on socks, but these mini cables are perfect for me. And while I was outside taking pictures, I took a few pictures of the scenery from the front porch.

3707a 3707b

I really like the photo on the left. That is what our porch looks like when some of the snow blows onto the porch. I like how it fades from complete snow to the wood. The blue chair is one that Dwight made a few years ago from a pattern out of ReadyMade magazine. The picture on the right is one side of our front yard. The little roof you see is the roof of the well house. The little tree on the left is what we use as our outdoor Christmas tree. We planted that the same year E was born. I've always liked the way those trees that lean over the sidewalk look with snow on them. The sidewalk didn't do it today, but when it's a little warmer while it snows the sidewalk gets a patchwork look to it. The snow will stick to the weeds between the stones, but the snow on the stones will melt.

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Brenda said...

The sock looks good! You still have weather for such warm socks. It's already getting to warm in CA for my handknit socks.