March 10, 2007

It's amazing what I can get done

when everyone else is out of the house. Dwight took E and D on a really long hike. I think it might be around 6 miles total. E has made this hike a few times before, but this is the first time for D. On previous hikes, he rode in a backpack.

While they were away, I managed to sort through my patterns and figure out plans for a few yarns that I have. I vacuumed the house--thrilling. I made lunch and ate it in peace--hahaha! I sewed a dress for E. The last time I made a dress for her was two years ago. That's because those still fit the year after I made them. Maybe this one will last two years also. The dress is nearly complete. I just need E to try it on, so we can figure out how long the straps should be. I could go off of her measurements that I have, but I'd rather her try it on. I've already made a few adjustments to the pattern. I usually have to cut out the fabric in one size for width and a larger size for length.

3907aBack to knitting...I finished these socks last Thursday. I took these pictures yesterday, but didn't get around to resizing until today. I figured out why flickr wasn't recognizing my exif information. When I saved the resized picture in Photoshop, I used the "save for web" option. That one saves the picture without the exif info.

The new Knitty came out. It makes me want to throw out my sweater plans and make more socks. I love all of the socks. I like a few of the children's patterns too. I really want to work on a sweater, so the socks and other patterns will have to wait.

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Brenda said...

The socks look great! The Knitty sock patterns this spring are really cool, too.