March 13, 2007

Yes, I am stubborn

31307aI have some bamboo yarn that I've been wanting to use. I really like the Cabled Down Raglan in the spring 07 issue of Interweave. So, I just had to try it out together. It didn't work. I like how slinky the yarn is and I like the cables, but they don't like working together. Everything that I read about bamboo said that it wasn't a good candidate for cables, but I had try anyways. It's frogged now and I'm going to save the pattern for later. I plan on doing something along the lines of a lacy cardigan with the bamboo.

The dress that I made for E came out okay. I took it in around the chest, but it still gaps in the back. Argh! I need to adjust the pattern for sewing it again. Tightening the elastic in the back wouldn't look right. I'm going to have to take in the front part of the top too. She likes it, despite all of that. That's what matters anyways.

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