May 14, 2007

1 sock, 3 socks, little socks, big socks

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Here are the little socks for D. It is a bit of a challenge taking photos of his constantly moving feet. These socks are so quick to make. It takes me about a day of here and there knitting to complete a pair for him. These were made out of leftovers. They took around 35 gms for the black/grey socks and less for the blue. The blue pair were the first and they fit him just right. I'm sure that they'll be too small by next month. ;-) I made the black and grey socks longer and wider around. Hopefully, those will last through summer. He loves the socks that I make for him. He usually picks the handknits first when he has to grab a pair out of his dresser. I think he mostly likes them because they enable him to skate across the kitchen floor. ;-)

Yarns: Regia surf 5415(blue) and Tiptop 4080 (black and grey)
Needle: size 0 Knitpicks classic circular
Method: toe-up with turkish cast-on, welt fantastic pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks(without the welts), short row heel
Start (blue): May 8, 2007
Finished (blue): May 9, 2007
Start (black/grey): May 9, 2007
Finished (black/grey): May 10, 2007

51407fHere is another pair of socks for my sister. I started out wanting to alter the welt fantastic pattern. I was trying to eliminate the knit, yarnover, knit into one stitch. In doing that, what I did was exactly like the Jaywalker socks. Well, they're upside down jaywalkers since I did mine toe-up. I think that the welt fantastic pattern is faster to knit. The double decrease in the jaywalker pattern slows me down. When I try this pattern again, I want to use a different increase. I'm not fond of the knit front and back method of increasing.

Yarn: Sock It To Me Puzzle 720 from Elann
Needles: size 0 Knitpicks classic circulars
Method: turkish cast-on, upside down jaywalkers, short row heel
Start: May 10, 2007
Finished: May 13, 2007

What's next? I'm knitting wristwarmers, fingerless mittens, or whatever they're called. They're not for me, but for a good cause. After that, I'll have some tough decisions...which yummy sock yarn to knit?

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