June 20, 2007

Primrose fern socks are done!

62007dI almost didn't post yesterday because I knew that I would finish these socks soon. I didn't think that I would finish them the next day. This pattern was fun to do, easy to memorize, and looks okay with variegated yarn. I've found that I can't stand plain stockinette socks anymore. After only doing those for a few months, I'm worn out. Now, I'm into stitch patterns. It's hard finding good stitch patterns for variegated yarns. I plan on trying a few more out of the More Sensational Knitted Socks book. I'll have to go back and check the first book also. I finished these socks in time to start a new pair tomorrow. I'm participating in the Summer of Socks. I certainly have a good variety of sock yarn to pick from.

62007cBack to this sock...This one is made out of Yarn Pirate sock yarn in Primrose. I think of the color as a very bright Easter egg. The yarn was nice to knit. I think that a few other yarns from different dyers use the same base yarn. Whatever it is, I like it. This yarn came in a very generous skein. I knit these socks to the length that I usually like and I still had almost 50gms of yarn leftover. That should make some good sized socks for E.

Yarn: Yarn Pirate in Primrose
Needles: size 0 (2mm) Knit Picks Classic circulars
Pattern: Baby Fern (p. 101) in More Sensational Knitted Socks
Method: the usual turkish cast-on and short row heel
Start: June 15, 2007
Finish: June 20, 2007

I think that I've finished organizing my projects and yarn on Ravelry. I've only uploaded pictures of most of my sock yarn and some of my lace yarn stash. Well, those with the most potential of being used soon. haha! I don't plan on putting up the rest of my stash. Besides the bamboo yarns, the rest of it consists of odds and ends that aren't really enough to make much. I didn't load up some of my projects. Either the pictures were stuck beyond flickr's 200 limit or it was just plain jane stockinette socks out of plain sock yarn. Maybe I'll load those if I get really bored. haha! Like that's going to happen around here.

It's actually been kind of quiet. Well, as quiet as a house with a 3.5 year old in it can be. E is off at summer camp this week. It's just a day camp, but she likes it. She is the smallest one there, so games like tag are rough on her. She must like it anyways because she's requested to go another week. D has missed his big sister. E says that she doesn't miss D at all. haha! We'll see how they get along when she's done with camp. ;-)

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Jen said...

Those are really beautiful - perfect for the yarn. I have SKS, but most of the patterns don't call out to me. However, I keep seeing tons of great MSKS socks. That's next on my list along with Vintage Socks. Gorgeous stuff in that one.

Can't wait to see what you knit for SOS07.