July 7, 2007

SOS #5 done and I'm baaaack!

7107bWe're back from vacation. We've been camping, visiting in-laws, shopping, and going on all sorts of adventures for the past week. I started these when we left our house and finished them the next day at our campsite. I had to sit around all day because of a twisted ankle. Ouch! We were on a sloped campsite with stairs leading down to it. I stepped on the one uneven step on the wrong spot and down I went. It wasn't pretty. :-( It did give me a lot of time to knit. These socks were so fast. They were knit on a 2.5mm needle, but probably could have been knit on something larger. I had to knit looser than I usually do for socks, but the 2.5mm was the largest needle that I had on hand. The yarn is Fiesta Boomerang and it's a very squishy yarn. I think Dwight would love socks made out of this. I'll have to look for Dwight compatible colors next time I see it.

7107c 7107aDetails:
Yarn: Fiesta Boomerang in Raspberry Mocha
Needles: size 1 (2.5mm) Knit Picks Classic Circular
Method: magic loop, two at once, toe up with Turkish cast on, and short row heel
Pattern: Cross Stitch Block (p.97) in More Sensational Knitted Socks
Start: June 30, 1007
Finished: July 1, 2007

I did finish a pair of Vesper socks on this trip. Those were finished in the car on the way home today. I haven't taken pictures of those yet. So, pictures of the Vesper sock and some cool vacation pictures to come(hopefully).

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Jen said...

Dude! I wondered what happened to you. I was like, wait she was knitting so fast... Congrats!!