September 20, 2007

SOS #41 or some very comfy socks

91907cI've read on the internet, about people knitting bed socks. What are bed socks and why would I need some? Why would I knit socks in "luxury" fibers? I found out and boy, do I love them. These socks were knit with Jojoland's Quartette yarn which is 80% merino and 20% cashmere. It's listed in the cashmere blend section and they colors are only labeled by numbers. This is #502. With all of the uproar about yarns supposedly having cashmere in them last year? earlier this year? I forgot. This yarn definitely has some cashmere in it. It's fuzzy soft and feels like fluffy clouds. It's also super slippery on Knit Picks metal needles. The only drawbacks are that the yarn is not as vibrantly colored as shown in the auctions and it's handwash only.

I bought a bag of 10 in an auction sometime last year. I used 4 of them to make Clapotis last year. That didn't turn out very pretty, but it makes for a very nice and warm wrap to wear around the house. The colors sections are not very long in this yarn. That shawl has started to pill. From that, I decided to knit these socks very tightly. Knitting it with just one strand very tightly, my hands weren't going to last long and the fabric was awful thin. I decided to knit with two strands together on larger needles and that worked. These socks are thick, very cushy, and warm. I plan on leaving them by the computer to wear when it gets cold in the winter.

Yarn: Jojoland Quartette in color #502--held double
Needle: size 2 (2.75mm) Knit Picks Classic Circular
Method: magic loop, 2 at once, toe-up, Turkish cast-on, short row heel
Pattern: my own
Start: September 18, 2007
Finish: September 19, 2007

Notes: This is not a superwash yarn, but it's soooooo soft and fluffy. You could probably knit it on larger needles, but I wanted to make sure that I was knitting these tightly.

Up next, I'm reworking one of my very own sock patterns with thinner yarn. The yarn is another nice one--Yarntini's Fig & Plum.

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Kaylee said...

I love your Jojoland socks! I was wondering... how many skeins did they take if you doubled up?

I have three balls of Quartette that I've been waiting to try out, but I'm not sure that's enough.