March 7, 2011

Back on track...socks!

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This dial-up connection is wearing me down. Increasingly, there is less and less that I can get to load in a reasonable time on the internet. And that is frustrating. I've started looking into a satellite connection or even something like Verizon's hotspot. Either one would work for our location, but the limits are really...limiting. CNN even had an article about 1/3 of the US not having broadband. The article even included a link to see if broadband was available in your area. Adding insult to injury, that website initially wouldn't load. :-( After trying it a few more times, I finally did get it to load just to find out that nothing is available here except for the two options that I mentioned above.

Ugh, enough of that ranting and onto knitting! The two socks above were finished a while ago, but we had some really dark cloudy days that made picture taking difficult. Those were taken indoors. I really like the lace on the blue socks. It's fun and the chart isn't too huge. The beige socks are Enchanted Knoll Farm in Gold Dust Woman. The blue socks are Dream in Color Everlasting Sock in Blue Fish(and it did turn my fingers blue).

I've been knitting more self striping yarns lately. I'm supposed to be writing patterns and need to focus one those. Plus, I want to use up some of my String Theory yarns from last year's club before this year's club starts up again. From top to bottom and left to right: Ultraviolet Catastrophe, Horsehead Nebula, Chrysocolla, and Neon. That last one was hard to photograph. The camera kept washing out those super bright colors.

021811f 022811a
022811c 022811e

I've woven a few more scarves. I've started using my cashmere and cashmere/silk blends to make really long scarves that you can double up around your neck. No pictures of those because I haven't washed all of them yet.

I'm on a lace sock kick right now. I just finish done a few days ago and I'm working on another one right now. Lace socks seem to knit up quickly. I'm up to 45 completed pairs of socks for this 52 Pair Plunge. Only 7 more to go before the end of May.

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CelticCastOn said...

We have satellite internet. I could handle only having dial up, it would just about kill me. Satellite, although slower than high speed is still pretty fast, miles faster than dial up and the only trouble we have it due to weather if its stormy or super rainy like today then it comes and goes but I`d say its worth it.
Love your new designs as always.