August 11, 2007

SOS #18 and picot edging

81107aNow this was a fun pair of socks to make. What a difference from the last pair. This yarn is by Perchance to Knit. It's called Poodle Skirt and is 100% merino. Like I said in the last entry, this yarn seemed much nicer to knit than the merino/nylon blend. It's very squishy and makes a slightly thicker sock than the merino/nylon blend.

I modified a pattern called Baby Fern from More Sensational Knitted Socks. I've used this pattern before, but knit it directly out of the book that time. Those socks are just a bit loose. This time, I wanted to decrease the stitch count. In order to do that, I changed the original 12 stitch repeat into a 16 stitch repeat. That decreased the overall stitches to 64 from 72. Now, the fit is much better.

I tried the picot edging on these socks. I've done a picot edge before, but that was on my top down Lombard Street socks. I have been avoiding the picot edge on toe up socks because I really didn't want to have to sew down all of those stitches. Well, I tackled that today. I tried many different methods before settling on one that I like. It's sort of like a half kitchener stitch. I like it because it's very flat, as stretchy as the rest of the sock, and you can barely tell where the sewing is. I took pictures of the process and will post my method in an entry by itself.

Yarn: Perchance to Knit in Poodle Skirt
Needle: size 0 (2mm) Knit Picks Classic Circular
Method: magic loop, two at once, turkish cast on, short row toe, picot edge
Pattern: modified Baby Fern from More Sensational Knitted Socks
Start: August 9, 2007
Finish: August 11, 2007

What is next? It will be socks again. I want to knit another pair of socks just like this one. This time, the foot will be a few rows longer and I want to knit more plain stockinette rows before doing the picot edging.


Lynda said...

These are really nice. Love the color and pattern. I'm knitting a pair of Lichen Rib socks with Perchance to Knit right now. I'm also loving this yarn. The stripes are behaving and the base yarn is great. It's the first yarn I ever bought from The Loopy Ewe, which is where I found your blog. Oh, the picot edge is perfect!

Jen said...

Oh those are waaay cute! I love the colorway. Glad you've kept your sock mojo though this pair. :)